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In the Midst of Uncertainty, Casey’s Holiday Spirit Prevails

We offer boundless thanks to the generous South County residents who donated more than $3,000 in imaginative gifts and cash for the region’s underserved teens at the 9th Annual Holiday Teen Gift Drive at Casey’s Grill & Bar on December 2nd.

This year’s event itself became a “gift” when we learned at the last minute that Casey’s General Manager Noelle Brousseau and her staff had arranged to hold this year’s drive as usual, even though they knew privately the restaurant would be closing two weeks later.

“We just couldn’t think of not doing it this year,” Noelle told us. “Families in need are counting on us!”

Since it began in 2004, Noelle has been the driving force behind the teen gift drive, which in total has collected over $40,000 in thoughtful gifts, gift certificates, and cash donations over the years for local teens. While everyone at Casey’s deserves credit, Noelle has been the drive’s heart. Each year, she has tirelessly rallied customers, URI student organizations, civic groups, and other local businesses to support the teen gift drive.

This year was no exception. Casey’s staff decorated their Party Room and arranged the teen gifts around the tree. They laid out a bounteous buffet of pizza and pasta, eggnog and cider. They arranged traditional holiday carols sung in four-part harmony by the Contemporary Theater Company.

All this was done in the midst of their own job concerns and working with the current and future owners of the restaurant to assure a smooth transition. Noelle and her staff were undaunted in their tradition of giving, a true testament to their generosity and the power of the holiday spirit.

On behalf of the countless teens whose holidays will be brighter because of your efforts, we can’t thank you enough!