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Mission, Vision & What We Do

Our Mission

To be a voice that advocates for the health and well-being of children and families, serving as catalyst and facilitator, in creating a culture where all children in Washington County can thrive.


All Washington County children and youth thrive!

Who we are

Washington County’s advocate for all children.

The Washington County Coalition for Children began in 2001 as an ad hoc group of representatives of social services agencies to address what parents and professionals alike perceived as growing numbers of children ‘falling through the cracks’. Named initially as the Washington County Risk Response Team, South County Home Health served as its fiscal agent until 2022 as we grew into a bigger, stronger, more demanding organization.

The Coalition is now a Rhode Island-approved nonprofit and operates under Wood River Health Services’ 501(c)(3) status and fiscal sponsorship.

The Coalition is Board-led and activities are primarily volunteer and member driven. Susan Orban, LICSW, Coalition Director, is the organization’s permanent staff member.

Membership can and does include parents, educators, providers, town officials, social services agencies, businesses and others who care deeply about the conditions and future of mental wellness in Washington County.

What we do

As change agents, the Coalition focuses on the past, present, and future of mental wellness. We utilize all the tools at hand to make a difference. On a regular basis, we:

  • conduct community assessments to identify needs, drive community action, and track progress over time
  • conduct data briefings, educational programs, and summits, including an annual Children’s Issues Forum.
  • facilitate collaborative community problem-solving to foster innovative solutions.

We don’t just talk the talk. Visit just a brief list of our accomplishments and current initiatives.