Kids still having a tough time in region (December 10, 2010)

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WCCC Spotlight   December 10, 2010
A frequent reminder that our kids and families matter!

New report
How the UK cut child poverty
in half (so far)

Over the last decade, the United Kingdom carried out an ambitious and multifaceted anti-poverty campaign that reduced child poverty by more than half. Child poverty fell even during the recession, in sharp contrast to the U.S., where it has now reached its highest level in 20 years.

A new report commissioned by First Focus and authored by Jane Waldfogel of Columbia University and the London School of Economics describes the UK's efforts to end child poverty by 2020 and how the success can be replicated in the US.

Download the report.


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Coalition releasing end-of-decade report
Monday, December 13 at 5 pm; be there!
Kids still having a tough time in region,
statistics point to both hope and concern

howkidscover Though some conditions have improved, a surprising number of children in Washington County still live in significant poverty, witness or experience domestic abuse, require significant mental health and special needs services, and/or need child care, according to an "end-of-decade" report that the Coalition will release this Monday, December 13, 2010.

The fourth "and How Are the Children?" provides detailed statistics, both by town and county, on eleven important economic, health, child care, and housing indicators for children.

The report will be released at the Sunshine Child Development Center, 11 Iafrate Way in North Kingstown, from 5-6 p.m. Coalition members will get free copies of the 100-page report. The report can be downloaded for free after Tuesday at

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What you need to know about the WCCC

The Washington County Coalition for Children brings together everyone in Washington County who cares about children. The Coalition is known for:
  • Tracking and publishing the trends in children's issues, and convening public meetings around the needs.
  • Convening monthly meetings that bring together more than 40 organizations
    to tackle the most compelling problems facing children and their families.
  • Establishing a website to help parents of childrenwith mental health and substance abuse problems connect with localtreatment providers
  • Sponsoring an annual "How Are the Children?" Forum,a must-attend event
    for anyone working on children's issues: communityleaders, advocates, and elected officials.
  • Holding monthly workshops to help doctors and mentalhealth professionals care for children with behavioral health problemsand developmental disabilities.
  • Organizing a holiday gift drive for teens in conjunction with Casey's Grill & Bar in Wakefield.
The Coalition achieves astounding results, with just one part-time staff person, dedicated volunteers, and administrative support from VNS Home Health Services.
We cover all Coalition costs through voluntary contributions
of Coalition members, grants, and your generous donations.
For more information about the Washington County Coalition for Children, go to or contact Coalition Coordinator Susan Orban at or (401) 788-2347.