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 WCCC Spotlight   October 2010
A frequent reminder that our kids and families matter!


The Odyssey Years
Preventing pregnancy
in their late teens

Pregnancy rates for older teens (18-19) are more than three times the rate for younger teens. What can be done to help? 
     A new report - The Odyssey Years - from The National Campaign exposes some commonly-held myths about older teens and how to reach them, and provides some real-world examples of how groups are reaching older teens.

Test your teen
Does she really know
it all about dating?

paper boyfriend
Have her play My Paper Boyfriend, an online game that lets them test their relationship smarts.
     Created by, the site allows the girl to design the "perfect" boyfriend, then presents the couple with challenging scenarios. Her choices will determine how healthy the relationship is.

We can help them:
Infants of depressed women live in poverty

A new report from the Urban Institute suggests that 11 percent of infants living in poverty have a mother suffering from severe depression, and that depression can be particularly damaging to the child's development.
     The good news: the women are frequently connected to public services and can be identified and treated.
     Among the findings:

  • depressed mothers are more likely to struggle with domestic violence and substance abuse, and report being only in fair health.
  • Infants with depressed mothers are breastfed for shorter periods of time.
  • many depressed mothers living in poverty are already connected to services, such as WIC, health care services, food stamps, and TANF. Every contact is an opportunity to identify depression and help parents seek treatment.
New resources 
Now available at offers youth facts, funding information, and tools to help assess community assets, generate maps of local and federal resources, search for evidence-based youth programs, and keep up-to-date on the latest, youth-related news.

    Of particular interest on the site is the Program Directory, which features evidence-based programs whose purpose is to prevent and/or reduce delinquency or other problem behaviors in young people. The directory is searchable by risk factor or protective factor.
    The site also contains a section devoted to funding information, which includes tools to help build and sustain programs and activities, funding ideas, and strategies on how to apply for federal grants.

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The Coalition's revised website has been "live" but unpublicized for nearly three weeks to work out last-minute kinks. Now it's ready for your visit!

News, updated directory of practitioners,
online registration, cleaner layout

home page

The new site reflects a more user-friendly structure that brings our assets to the front.
   Like news. Now when you arrive at the home page, readers will find the latest information on Coalition events and local issues, with links to appropriate locations either elsewhere on the site or elsewhere on the web.
   The Children's Behavioral Health Guide has been streamlined and freshened, making it easier than ever for a family or an agency to find help for a child of any age who needs mental health services. Practitioners are still able to use their existing passwords to update their profiles.
   You can transact "business" online now, whether to join WCCC for as little as $10/year (see below) or to register for events or workshops.
   Brand new are seven (more to come) podcasts on childhood anxiety and postpartum depression produced by student interns from the University of Rhode Island, Clinical Psychology Program, and Alpert Medical School at Brown University, Community Health Program.
   Important links to local and state resources have been updated. Feel free to recommend more of your own to

   Grab your surfboard and visit today.

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Washington County is a wonderful place to live work, and visit. From Narragansett to Westerly, the region has a magnificent coastline, precious farmland, irreplaceable natural areas, and wonderful communities.
   But all is not well for our 30,000 children:
  • Nearly 1 of every 5 qualifies for subsidized school lunches, child care, and health care.
  • Homelessness among families is rising.
  • Support services, such as counseling and parenting classes, do not reach all the most vulnerable families.
  • Teenage pregnancy rates are high in many towns.
   Washington County Coalition for Children members are area health and social service providers, educators, community leaders, parents and concerned residents. Our mission: "to be a voice that advocates for the health and well-being of children and families in Washington County, serving as catalyst and facilitator for improved services." 

Membership is as little as $10
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A representative invited to serve on Coalition Community Advisory Committee
$5 off each for 2 at Children's Issues breakfast
$10 off for up to 2 accredited programs/year
Free copy of any Coalition report published during the membership year
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Annual certificate of membership

Businesses, foundations $150
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$5 off each for 2 at Children's Issues breakfast
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What you need to know about the WCCC

The Washington County Coalition for Children brings together everyone in Washington County who cares about children. The Coalition is known for: 

  • Tracking and publishing the trends in children's issues, and convening public meetings around the needs.
  • Convening monthly meetings that bring together more than 40 organizations
    to tackle the most compelling problems facing children and their families.
  • Establishing a website to help parents of children with mental health and substance abuse problems connect with local treatment providers
  • Sponsoring an annual "How Are the Children?" Forum, a must-attend event
    for anyone working on children's issues: community leaders, advocates, and elected officials.
  • Holding monthly workshops to help doctors and mental health professionals care for children with behavioral health problems and  developmental disabilities.
  • Organizing a holiday gift drive for teens in conjunction with Casey's Grill & Bar in Wakefield.
     The Coalition achieves astounding results, with just one part-time staff person, dedicated volunteers, and administrative support from VNS Home Health Services.
We cover all Coalition costs through voluntary contributions
of Coalition members, grants, and your generous donations.

     For more information about the Washington County Coalition for Children, go to or contact Coalition Coordinator Susan Orban at(401) 788-2347.