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WCCC Spotlight June 1, 2010
A frequent reminder that our kids and families matter!
Divorce determines future income of low-income children

New Pew report available

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Only 26 percent of children of divorced, low-income parents are likely to reach higher levels of income during their lifetimes, compared to 42 percent of children born to unmarried mothers and 50 percent of children born to continuously married parents.
   So notes a new report by the Economic Mobility Project of the Pew Charitable Trusts. Family Structure and the Economic Mobility of Children finds that family structure influences the future economic mobility of children and that divorce has a particularly harmful effect.
New journal
Transition to adulthood

The Brookings Institution and Princeton University have released the latest The Future of Children volume, "Transition to Adulthood," nine articles devoted to research and analysis of the challenges young people face in making the transition to adulthood in modern America.
   You can read the journal or listen to the panel presentation.
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Just nine more days: Thursday, June 10
Meet the region's Champion for Children
at the Coalition's 8th Annual Breakfast 
We're not telling who it is until you get there!

The Coalition will be singing about one of Washington County's unsung heroes for children at the 8th Annual Children's Issues Forum, coming right up on Thursday, June 10 at The Village Inn in Narragansett, from 8-10:30 a.m.
    This will be the seventh year the Coalition has honored someone who has promoted, secured, and/or delivered quality services to children and families in an exemplary fashion, she reports. Past winners include:
·   South Kingstown School Superintendent Dr. Robert Hicks
·   Wilburn Logan of the Family Advocacy Project
·   Mark Hawk, Special Education Director for Westerly School Dept.
·   Deedra Durocher, foster parent and business leader
·   Kim Bossian, Head Start Health Coordinator for South County Community Action; and
·   Tammy McNeiece, Special Education teacher at Curtis Corner Middle School.
State Education Commissioner Gist to speak
Deborah A. Gist will be the keynote speaker. Since becoming the state's Commissione
Gest photor of Elementary and Secondary Education last July, Gist has developed and published Transforming Education in Rhode Island, a strategic plan for public education. She just submitted the state's Race to the Top proposal, which could bring $126 million to transform education in Rhode Island.
     Before coming to Rhode Island, Gist was Superintendent of Education in the District of Columbia.
     This year's Breakfast will also announce updated statistics on the status of children and families living in the towns of Washington County.
    Tickets are $30 each (discounts for members) and the brochure is available at


Local professionals complete CBT workshop series

CBT photo
Why are these mental health professionals smiling? They've just completed an accredited, intensive, four-part series in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) offered by the Coalition in partnership with the Alpert Medical School of Brown University.
   CBT is an evidence-based treatment proven effective with a variety of mental health disorders in both adults and children.  Although CBT is long considered "best practice", clinicians often find it difficult to access in-depth clinical training for applying CBT techniques with children and adolescents.
   Special thanks to the HRSA Maternal & Child Health Bureau, AHEC, Southern Rhode Island Area Health Education Center and the RI Department of Health, Office of Primary Care and Rural Health, which helped make this continuing education series possible.
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The Coalition is instituting an exciting new members program. By joining, you'll be ensuring that the Coalition can advocate for children and families in Washington County in the strongest way possible!
     And at every level of membership, the benefits accrue! Individual memberships at $10 can pay back almost immediately with a $5 discount to the June 10 Children's Issues Forum. Practitioner memberships at only $25 also include your professional listing on the about-to-be premiered new Coalition website and $10 off on an accredited workshop. Nonprofit agencies, businesses, and foundations will find equal advantages in joining at very reasonable rates.
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What you need to know about the WCCC

The Washington County Coalition for Children brings together everyone in Washington County who cares about children. The Coalition is known for: 

  • Tracking and publishing the trends in children's issues, and convening public meetings around the needs.
  • Convening monthly meetings that bring together more than 40 organizations
    to tackle the most compelling problems facing children and their families.
  • Establishing a website to help parents of children with mental health and substance abuse problems connect with local treatment providers
  • Sponsoring an annual "How Are the Children?" Forum, a must-attend event
    for anyone working on children's issues: community leaders, advocates, and elected officials.
  • Holding monthly workshops to help doctors and mental health professionals care for children with behavioral health problems and  developmental disabilities.
  • Organizing a holiday gift drive for teens in conjunction with Casey's Grill & Bar in Wakefield.
     The Coalition achieves astounding results, with just one part-time staff person, dedicated volunteers, and administrative support from VNS Home Health Services.
We cover all Coalition costs through voluntary contributions
of Coalition members, grants, and your generous donations.

     For more information about the Washington County Coalition for Children, go to or contact Coalition Coordinator Susan Orban at or (401) 788-2347.