Friday is the last day to register for the CBT series! (October, 2009)

   WCCC Spotlight Oct. 27,2009
    A frequent reminder that our kids and families matter!
Halloween safety

Be careful out there Saturday.
Here are some helpful hints:
  • Apply reflective tape
    to costumes
  • Serve kids a filling meal so they won't eat candy before you've checked it
  • Have kids wear comfortable shoes
  • Keep pets inside. Pets, especially cats, can be vulnerable targets for pranksters on Hallo-
    ween night.
Tell the children:
  • Always trick or treat
    in groups
  • Only visit well-lit houses
  • Don't stop at
    dark houses
  • Don't enter any houses unless you know the people.
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Four-part course teaches latest treatment for mental health disorders in children

Registration closes this Friday, October 30

The Coalition and Brown University's Alpert Medical School are offering a special four-part course on an effective treatment for mental health disorders in children, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The continuing ed course is accredited for doctors, psychologists, social workers, therapists, nurses, and educators.
    But hurry! Registration ends at noon this Friday, October 30. The first session is an all-day workshop in Narragansett on Friday, November 6.
    "This is an exciting, practical, hands-on series that includes a full spectrum of techniques to understand and work with children," explains Coalition Coordinator Susan Orban. "And thanks to funding from the Southern Rhode Island Area Health Education Center and the Rhode Island Department of Health, we're able to bring seminars right here to practitioners in Washington County."
    The series includes a workshop in November, March, and April and a choice of two evening dinner lectures over the winter. The 12-person faculty, all medical doctors or PhDs, are from Brown University, the University of Rhode Island, and Yale.
   If you're interested in "Demystifying CBT for Childhood Disorders", get more information (right away) from the Brown CME Office at (401) 863-3337 or
A brochure is available at the Coalition's website:

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What you need to know about the WCCC

The Washington County Coalition for Children brings together everyone in Washington County who cares about children.
The Coalition is known for: 

  • Tracking and publishing the trends in children's issues, and convening public meetings around the needs.
  • Convening monthly meetings that bring together more than 40 organizations
    to tackle the most compelling problems facing children and their families.
  • Establishing a website to help parents of children with mental health and substance abuse problems connect with local treatment providers
  • Sponsoring an annual "How Are the Children?" Forum, a must-attend event
    for anyone working on children's issues: community leaders, advocates, and elected officials.
  • Holding monthly workshops to help doctors and mental health professionals care for children with behavioral health problems and  developmental disabilities.
  • Organizing a holiday gift drive for teens in conjunction with Casey's Grill & Bar in Wakefield.
     The Coalition achieves astounding results, with just one part-time staff person, dedicated volunteers, and administrative support from VNS Home Health Services.
We cover all Coalition costs through voluntary contributions
of Coalition members, grants, and your generous donations.

     For more information about the Washington County Coalition for Children,
go to or contact Coalition Coordinator Susan Orban at or
(401) 788-2061.