Please don't visit this summer (unless...) (July, 2009 )

   WCCC Spotlight July 9,2009
    A frequent reminder that our kids and families matter!
Congratulations to
Dr. Louise Kiessling

Wins Excellence in Teaching Award
   Following quickly on the heels of being named the 2009 Champion for Community Change by the Washington County Coalition for Children, pediatrician and activist Louise Kiessling received the Dean's Excellence in Teaching Award from the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Dr. Kiessling says she sees it really as an award to the excellent Community Health Clerkship program that WCCC has set up in partnership with the medical school and area doctors.
Free publications
from the
US Dept. of Education

One of WCCC's advisors was looking for Growing Up Drug Free: A Parent's Guide to Prevention, and found that she (and you) can get one - or 50 and more - free copies of this and many other Department of Education publications at its website. She's sharing her copies with child care sites. What can you do with yours?
For your
reading pleasure

Up-to-date reports
on everything about
children and poverty
More than a dozen founda- tions support Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity. In turn, it makes available an endless number of free and up-to-date reports on issues having to do with children and poverty, such as ending childhood hunger, child birthweight problems, home- less children, and more from reputable sources around the country.
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Don't go to this summer (unless you really need important resources)

We'll be giving the website some 'tough love'.
  Like good-intentioned, community advocacy organizations around the world, the Washington County Coalition for Children is always trying to do more with less. As someone wise said the other day, "Soon we'll be doing everything for nothing!"
   One area ripe for an update is our website. We want to highlight some very valuable resources that lie just below the surface.
   Did you know, for example, that you can:
  • search for children's mental health providers via a comprehensive database for services ranging from evaluation to consultation to medication management to hospitalization by every age group?
  • find essential, credible data about children for every town in Washington County from 2003 on?
  • download a parents handbook for helpful tips about community resources?
  • directly link to some of the most useful family-oriented organizations in the state?
   Didn't think so.
   That's why we'll be spending the summer giving a thorough upgrading and some improvements.
   So please, please don't go there this summer.
   Unless you need really useful information!
West Bay Partnership is "open for business".

"Red tape" cut for families in crisis; now they can access multiple sites with a single toll-free number: 866-840-6532.
  With several key agencies working together, the West Bay Family Care Community Partnership is offering a red tape-cutting, comprehensive system of care for children and families at risk, regardless of where the family first makes contact.  Services vary from energy assistance and parenting skills training to intensive, multi-service care plans for children with serious emotional disturbances. 
   The partnership in Washington and Kent Counties is led by South County Community Action, Family Services RI, Westbay Community Action, Bayside Family Health Care, and Thundermist Health Center as principal partners as well as South Shore Mental Health Center and The Kent Center. 
   The target population for FCCP services are:
  • Children of any age with serious emotional disturbances
  • Children at risk of foster placement
  • Children at risk or involved with the juvenile justice system
  • Children and families in crisis or in need of multiple services/integrated care
   Families can access services from 14 sites located throughout Washington and Kent Counties. 
   For further information, contact West Bay FCCP Director Sean Walsh, LICSW, at South County Community Action, 789-3016, ext. 315, or
What you need to know about the WCCC

The Washington County Coalition for Children brings together everyone in Washington County who cares about children. The Coalition is known for: 

  • Tracking and publishing the trends in children's issues, and convening public meetings around the needs.
  • Convening monthly meetings that bring together more than 40 organizations to tackle the most compelling problems facing children and their families.
  • Establishing a website to help parents of children with mental health and substance abuse problems connect with local treatment providers
  • Sponsoring an annual "How Are the Children?" Forum, a must-attend event for anyone working on children's issues: community leaders, advocates, and elected officials.
  • Holding monthly workshops to help doctors and mental health professionals care for children with behavioral health problems and  developmental disabilities.
  • Organizing a holiday gift drive for teens in conjunction with Casey's Grill & Bar in Wakefield.
     The Coalition achieves astounding results, with just one part-time staff person, dedicated volunteers, and administrative support from VNS Home Health Services. We cover all Coalition costs through voluntary contributions of Coalition members, grants, and your generous donations.
     For more information about the Washington County Coalition for Children, go to or contact Coalition Coordinator Susan Orban at or (401) 788-2061.