Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook provides helpful tips to consider in searching for services as well as information about ancillary services in the community that may benefit children.

Common Household Substances That Can Be Abused

Deciding To Use Medication Or Not

Family Support Resources

Helpful Children's Mental Health Links

How to Find a Therapist for Your Child

How To Conduct An Internet Search For Health Information

Mentoring Programs

Substance Abuse And Mental Health Treatment Considerations

What to Do if Your Child Has a Mental Health Emergency?

Available Podcasts

The following series of podcasts with local experts were produced by student interns from the University of Rhode Island, Clinical Psychology Program, and Alpert Medical School at Brown University, Community Health Program:

Childhood Anxiety Series
with Ellen Flannery Schroeder, PhD, and Rachel Baldwin

Postpartum Depression Series
with Sharon DeLuca, MSRNCS, and James Enos

Childhood Tics
with Louise Kiessling, MD, FAAP, and Anna Chacon

ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder)
with Louise Kiessling, MD, FAAP, and Christian Brown